Crafting solutions to delight users



Taskly App

This capstone project- Taskly is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work through better project management. The aim is to overcome the pain points the product development team faces that are not solved by any applications out there.


Enterprise Software Redesign


Finance app

Finance App is a stock market app to follow the stocks one is interested in. The main goal of this project was to gain experience with contextual inquiries and information architecture through the conceptual redesign an existing application.


Foodie App

Foodie App is a restaurant app that allows the vegetarians to find the restaurant that serve vegetarian food and can order it in advance in order to make sure they do not have to come to a restaurant that would say "Sorry, we are out of it". The aim is to develop a flow that guides a user through selecting the restaurant plan tailored to their needs & requirements.


Human Health Project

This is a redesign of a NGO and a charity organization website to make sure different user groups are satisfied. The aim is to create an intuitive website.


University of San Francisco

The main goal of this project was to redesign the internal and external facing website of the University so as increase the interaction with ease of use by prospective students, current students, faculty and staff.